10 reasons to visit Portugal…or to move there

by Lara

Portugal has been my secret wish destination for quite some time. Although I did plan to visit on several occasions, each time something came up. Exams, relocation, poor weather, expensive flight tickets. When  my friend Ivona texted me a few months ago  “What do you say about Portugal?” I answered “Let’s go” without thinking too much.

In April we have spent ten amazing days in this breathtaking country, traveling from Lisbon to Porto.

In this post, I will share with you my top 10 reasons to visit Portugal and will give you short video teaser to inspire you to make that trip at the first opportunity!

  1. People

Portugal is super beautiful country. But what makes it so amazing are its people. Outgoing, open, liberal and great hosts, they are the main reason why will you feel so good there and want to come back. Portuguese will go that extra mile to make you feel welcomed in their country.

  1. Colors, colors, colors

How can anyone feel depressed in this vibrant country?

  1. Food

Fresh. Fish, crabs, shells, shrimps. Heaven for all of you, seafood lovers. And did you know that they make cod fish in like 1001 way?

  1. Wine

Although I am not a huge fan of their most famous Port wine because I don’t enjoy sweet wines, I loved even the cheapest wines from supermarkets. It seems like there are no bad wines in Portugal!

  1. Nature

Mountains, rivers, Atlantic Ocean, beaches, vineyards… This country is just breathtaking from every angle.

  1. Pasteis de Nata

I’ve already mentioned food, but I simply have to single out this small bite of heaven. Pasteis de Nata is an egg tart pastry filled with vanilla and served warm with cinnamon and sugar. Only one bakery in Lisbon has the original recipe, and they keep it a closely guarded secret. Be sure not to miss out on Pasteis de Belem in Antiga Confeitaria de Belem.

  1. Nightlife

Although you can find all kind of awesome clubs and bars in Lisbon and Porto, the real nightlife is happening outside, on beautiful viewpoints or the streets outside of the clubs. As soon as it gets warm, everyone is hanging out outdoors and eventually later hit the clubs. There are a couple of reasons why this is so much better than standing in a crowded club all night. First, no bar can top the atmosphere and beauty seen from the Sao Pedro de Alcantara. Second, you will buy the booze in supermarkets which is great news for your wallet and finally, you will be able to actually talk with people around you.

  1. Cabo da Roca

Place “where the land meets the sea” was for a long time considered to be the end of the Earth. When you stand at the edge of the rocky cliffs, and the only thing in front of you is vast emptiness of the ocean that doesn’t see the end, it can really seem that way. The westernmost point of continental Europe is half an hour drive from picturesque town Sintra, and you can visit it both on the same day.

  1. Porto

Porto, a second largest city in Portugal, is famous for its wine production, bridges, and narrow, colorful, cobbled streets. When traveling, you see the cities that you like, some not that much, and sometimes you feel so good somewhere that you can even imagine yourself living there. That’s how I felt about Porto.

  1. Street art

Just walking in Lisbon is an experience for itself. You can feel the buildings are telling you the story. Great place for street art and graffiti lovers! And if you are interested in all the things you can do, try and see in Lisbon, check out best Lisbon Sightseeing tours to get the best prices and save on your budget!

Those were my top 10 reasons to visit Portugal. Have you already been there? What would you add? If you like the article and want to know more about my experience in Portugal, follow me on Facebook to be updated with the newest posts.

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Lara May 13, 2017 - 4:40 pm

Obrigada Brunzinho! I already imagined a cat next to your name, don’t worry 😀


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