2018: A letter of Apology and a Thank You Note

by Lara


First of all, I would like to wish to everyone a happy and prosperous New Year! Yes, I know I am super lame for being this late. According to the weather here in Croatia, it is almost Easter. There are no excuses for wishing a happy New Year in the middle of January but believe me or not- I am still processing the fact that we are 11 days into 2018. Is this crazy to you too or is it just me? I mean, we have only yesterday undecorated our Christmas tree, and I am still eating Christmas cookies my mom made. Sorry.

I hope 2018 will give you everything you wish for and deserve, and my wish for you is- go on that trip! Visit a new country, meet different people, eat weird food. Whatever the place you always dreamed of going to is, now is the time- GO!


Ok, now when I am done with the first apology I guess I can move on to the second one. I haven’t written anything in one whole month. I haven’t been active on Instagram nor Facebook. Twitter, I almost forgot I have it. Most of the PR experts would look at this with a huge disapproval. I mean if you have an online thing going on and you are not online, basically you don’t exist. It’s equal to online suicide.

Well, to be honest, I had no good reason for being offline except- I needed that. I needed not to check my FB page, not to scroll the Instagram and not to write a single word. That’s it. Sorry, but not really sorry.

In fact, I hope that all of you were checking out your phone a little less in December. I hope that you spent holidays and Christmas looking at faces of your dear ones. I hope you didn’t even care where is your phone or who commented on what. I believe we all need an online detox from time to time, and what is the best time for that than the end of the year?



2017 is now behind us and it is a time to reflect on what we did, where we are now and what do we want of 2018. For me, 2017 was definitely a year of new things. On 1st of April I have introduced Curious Journeylist to the world. By the world, I mean few of you who were following this little travel blog of mine from the beginning. When I started it I had no actual plan. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with this blog or even how to do it. I just thought if I’m already writing about my travels for other publications, I could as well do it on my own page. I am glad I did it.

I am sure that first biggest fear of everyone who decides to start a blog is that no one will care. Noone except maybe your parents and a few friends. I can’t lie it wasn’t my fear as well. But I decided to ignore it and what have I learned in the last year is:

If you talk about something you are passionate about, there will always be someone who will want to listen.

In 9 months of having this blog, there are so many awesome things that have happened which I am grateful for and which are telling me I must have done something right. Thanks to Curious Journeylist I’ve had a few excellent collaborations with hostels and travel agencies on my trips to Portugal, Bali, Budapest and Prague. I have written for other publications such as BlogBuster, Putoholicari and STA putovanja. Curious Journeylist got nominated for two awards from fellow travel bloggers for the contribution to the travel blogging community. I have been on Croatian National TV talking about my travels and did a presentation about my trip to Bali.

But the most valuable thing of all is YOU. Your positive comments, your messages where you are asking for advice and your words of encouragement. For that, THANK YOU.

I also want to thank Andrea, a girl behind the great blog Razlivena tinta, for recommending Curious Journeylist as one of the blogs to read in 2018. It is quite an honor and joy to get recognition and support from a fellow blogger who you respect. People like that only make me want to be more serious and better in what I am doing.

The goals for 2018 are set high. It is time to thank the 2017, leave it behind and turn to the new year and new goals.
I wish you all the best luck in that!

Lara Δ

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