QUIZ: What kind of traveler are You?

by Lara

Pick your favorite destination

How are you spending the night before traveling?

You’ve just arrived at your destination. What’s the first thing you do?

How do you decide where to eat when traveling?

What annoys you the most?

Your favorite type of accommodation is?

Choose your favorite quote.

Which word describes you best?

Choose the movie.

What souvenir are you taking home?

What kind of traveler are You?
Party traveler

Most likely you have no idea where you've been or what you've seen because you don't remember much since you left your home. You start drinking as soon as you board a plane and don't stop until you run out of all your money. You usually travel with a group of friends. And most likely you are Australian or British. You worked all summer to save money for the 6 months of backpacking with friends but you came back home after 3 weeks with no money and probably with a broken arm. Your favorite travel destinations are...you don't care as long as there is a good nightlife and cheap beers.
Insta traveler

You travel only to places which look great on Instagram. You choose your travel destination based on the most popular hashtag of that month. You've probably been to Thailand, but you didn't leave the resort. Nevertheless, your caption will include #luxurytravel and #thailandbackpakers. You will spend your days waiting for the perfect light. But at least you have some nice photos which will always remind you of those fun days on traveling when you were choosing the right filter.
Soul-searching traveler

You travel to find meaning and purpose. You probably watched "Eat, Pray, Love" or "Into the Wild" and now you think your life is boring and you should quit your job. You try talking to your friends about that but no one really understands you. You buy a flight ticket to India to find yourself. After a couple of weeks of meditation and yoga, you realize you still don't have any answers. Soon you get bored and head back home to ask for that job back.
Nerdy traveler

You are probably the best and the worst travel companion at the same time. Nothing can surprise you because you prepare for every trip like you are preparing for an exam. You know everything about the destination you are visiting, long before you even get there. Trip Advisor and Lonely Planet are your best friends and you have probably reserved a table in that fado restaurant 2 months before the trip. You have each minute of every day carefully planned and organized. You usually travel alone because you annoy everyone after 2 days. Or you get annoyed by other people because they don't share your enthusiasm about visiting every single museum.
Idiot abroad

You complain about every little thing and you hate the fact that nothing is like home. Everything is dirty and the toilets are just gross, how can people live like this? You will most definitely search for the nearest McDonalds and Starbucks. Why the street signs in Budapest are not in English is beyond you. How do people get around there? Soon you realize there is no place like home. You are either Karl Pilkington himself or... American.
Bucket list traveler

For you traveling is like a game of Pokemon. Countries, cities, national parks, monuments....You got to visit them all. You don't care how long will you stay at some place, as long as you put your foot there and can cross it off your list you are ok. In one week you can easily visit half of the Europe. You don't know much about places you've seen, but you are happy you saw them. You should think about the job of a flight attendant!

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