REVIEW: Kosta Hostel, Bali- Not Your Average Hostel

by Lara

In my last hostel review, I’ve told You why I prefer hostels over hotels and what type of hostel I am looking for when traveling. Being clean and safe is an absolute must, but it also has to have a good vibe, friendly atmosphere, and unique design. After many years of staying in all kinds of places, I did start to be a bit picky and try to do better research before making my choice.

It seems to me that ten years ago when I started traveling, most of the hostels were nothing more but cheap dorms for backpackers. As the research shows, solo traveling is getting more and more popular, and traveling alone is not only reserved for backpackers on a tight budget. Soul-searching travel movies such as Into the Wild or Eat, Pray, Love have inspired many people (especially women)  to embark on a solo journey.

How the hostel business is changing

Traveling solo doesn’t mean that you want to hang out only by yourself or with your book. In contrary, when you travel alone you will most probably meet far more people than you do when going on a trip with friends. Today, there are thousands of solo travelers of any age and with different backgrounds roaming around the world.

It became a thing.

They are traveling solo but still want to socialize with other travelers, and they are not necessarily on a tight budget. That kind of travelers (myself included) still like to stay in hostels, but we prefer something nicer than five bucks per night dorm with 20 beds. That is why hostel business is not only growing but changing.  The best hostels today are the ones with fewer beds in shared rooms and also with private rooms, pools, unique design and delicious food.  They seem more like a boutique hotels than hostels.

That is exactly kind of place I was staying at on my first week in Bali. Most of the time I don’t have a strictly planned schedule for my trips which means that I will book ahead only the accommodation for the first couple of nights. In Bali, I wanted to stay somewhere relatively close to the airport because I didn’t feel like driving too long in Bali’s traffic after 20 hours trip. I decided on Seminyak area. It is not a party place like Kuta, but it is still relatively busy and close to the airport.

Kosta Hostel

When searching for the hostels in Seminyak area, one immediately got my attention. It was Kosta hostel which only had great reviews, and after I checked the photos of the place I instantly booked it. The location seemed to be a bit further from the centre, but I didn’t mind it since I was planning to stay only for two nights, relax and figure out the rest of my trip.

Kosta is definitely not your average hostel.

It belongs to the new type of hostels I mentioned earlier. The first thing you notice when entering the yard is beautiful green surroundings that momentarily make you feel happy and relaxed. While I was checking in, I couldn’t stop checking out all those cute details and beautifully designed lobby and restaurant. Since I came early for my check in, I decided to grab something from the menu. It took me 15 minutes to choose since everything looked delicious. I decided on a dragon fruit bowl, smoothie and egg avocado toast.

I don’t even know how to describe that food. Usually, I don’t like taking photos of the food, but this looked like an art masterpiece which I felt sorry to eat. I couldn’t believe that I had such a breakfast in a hostel! Even after a month and a half in Bali, I think that was the best breakfast I had. Soon I realized that even people who are not staying at the hostel are regularly visiting the restaurant. It is that good!

I had a room with three beds and our private bathroom. The room has a simple yet beautiful design, big bathroom, hot shower and super comfy beds. For this room, you will pay around 15 Euros and for a bedroom with four beds 12 Euros. In most of the places in Europe for this price you will get (in the best case) an average hostel with 8-12 bed dorm, but in Bali, for this price, you almost get a boutique hotel!

My favorite part was an adorable pool in front of the rooms. The very same pool is listed as one of the best hostel pools in the world by famous Hostelworld.

On my second day I already knew I don’t want to leave this place that soon. I went to the reception to ask if I can prolong my stay for next five days. The receptionist smiled and said sure. Later on, I was told by another person who is working there:

Noone stays at Kosta only for a day. Most of the guests prolong their stay for a few nights, and there are some that even stay for weeks!

The owner of the hostel is cool and laidback surfer Tipi who can give you some great advice on the best surfing spots in Bali and who recommended me some lovely places around the Island. Thank you Tipi!

Since the hostel is quite new (opened in March this year) they have in plan many things for the future such as building the room for yoga classes and opening the bar next to the pool.

In the overall, you will not go wrong with staying at Kosta, whether as a solo traveler or if  coming with a group of friends. As a solo traveler you are bound to meet a lot of cool people, and you will not be bored for sure. If you are coming with friends, you can have your room and feel like you are in a cool hotel for just 15 euros per person.

If you think I am exaggerating how cute and special the place is- check out the video below!

Kosta Hostel, Bali

What do you think about the hostels? Which one was your favorite? Leave the comment; I would love to hear from you!

And if you like Kosta, feel free to share. You know what they say… sharing is caring! 😉

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